Just a bit of a update again for you all!

Good evening to you all,

hope your all doing well, as you can see my blog has grown 3 new pages, Motivational Monday, Recipe Wednesday and Countdown Friday the weekend begins here! I have made these to share experiences and knowledge I have of things, and hopefully it will motivate me to get a blog out for you late afternoon on that day instead of 10pm UK time.

Another thing which is happening is I have a contact email up and as I have briefly explained this is for you to ask questions and make suggestions and just share your thoughts with me about anything I write. It is tomo.writes966@gmail.com don’t hesitate to share your thoughts. 🙂

Also I shall be getting the blogs Instagram and twitter sorted out very soon, still in the setting up process.

I just want to say thank you to the followers I have gained in the last days, it means a lot and I thrive to get views and feedback on this, and you all have been great and given me some in one way or another.  🙂

So I shall say goodnight for now but hopefully soon you will see new and improved content and more involvement.

Night guys


Two blogs in one night WOW :P

Hello all, just a quick blog update,

I have been trying to write content which inspires you, and to make you aware of things going on, I haven’t touched some subjects because I haven’t experienced them in my life, but I am willing to write about anything.

I ask you all to try and help me out too by following my twitter and contacting me if you want, I am here to listen to your stories and to hear suggestions on what to write about too, at the moment I write once in a while but I like to write more. However I wanna know who my readers are.

So please comment, like, follow or contact me because im willing to talk to you and get to know you all too.

UPDATES COMING SOON: I am gunna try and do different sections to my blogs so you get more content, like Mondays can be “motivational Mondays”, and so forth. I hope also to bring some of my friends into help and let them write some content on my blog. Please be patient but “Tomo writes” will be better then ever soon. 🙂 cheers all and have a great evening.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”

Evening all, how are you? tonight I thought I come on and just write a quick blog on a subject, which I have noticed and have found more people think its alright to act like.

Today I was sat in work and I was thinking what category am I in, because of something I had read as a title of a magazine triggered something I hadn’t really thought about in my life. what category am I in? STUFF THAT!!!

Basically people of the world don’t think as yourself in a category, BE YOU!! All my life I had been happy being me, but today looking at one headline in the magazine made me think who I was.  Yes we are all guilty of thinking thoughts of what we would like to be like and could we fit in.

Well don’t, make yourself you own category, live your life and don’t worry about how you look or how you act. Life is too short to care about the little things like that.  The thing about me is that yes I could do with losing weight but will I be happy? Do I need to change for someone I don’t really know.

That brings me onto say when people joke about you and take the mick just ignore and be the better person as we are all amazing people in our own ways. So there is my little blog on how you shouldn’t care about what people see, just care and make sure YOUR happy, not them.

Night all and have a wonderful day today and tomorrow and the next day, BYE!!!

P.S I just like to say a big thank you for reading my blogs, you are actually helping me loads in my confidence to write again. Which is proving to help me to think about writing a book or something, so a big thanks to you all 🙂





Role models!

Evening all, I don’t know how to start this really, but I thought I might talk about my role model. He is the man in the picture and his name is Kenneth Williams, Kenneth Williams was an actor in the 1950s. You probably wonder how come a actor from that time caught my eye and became my role model.

He was a comedy genius in my eyes and knew how to make some laugh, love and smile. but what made me write about this subject, well I recently went into the city near me and they happened to have a pride parade going on. if anyone doesn’t  know what pride is its a parade for everyone to celebrate lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT)  in becoming equal.

Well sadly that wasn’t always the case, this is where Kenneth Williams comes in, a comic who couldn’t be him not properly anyway. He was born into a generation where LGBT wasn’t accepted and illegal in some places. But he still made people smile, love and laugh.

This is where he became my role model, a man who couldn’t be him, but he was the one who made people laugh out loud but could never be happy himself. He had guts to get up and be an actor and carry on being in the public eye, and never giving up his dream. Yesterday made me proud that times have changed, but it also made me a little sad that the people we all enjoy watching on TV aren’t here to feel equal too.

So my words of wisdom for you. You are you, it doesn’t matter if you are in public eye or not your you. We are the generation to make the difference, making the right choices and making those who have gone proud.

Have a great evening and speak soon 🙂 NIGHT!!!!

Hello im back!!!

Hello all, sorry I have been away from the world of blogs. I have been doing so many long hours at were i work I’ve been getting rather tired and just coming home and sleeping. So how is everyone?

My main blog will be out abit later on tonight I’m afraid as i am typing this well on break in my workplace.

I just want to say whats going on with my blogs, please help me by following twitter and then you know when there’s a new blog out, the instagram function is coming out soon. But I just want you all to either comment or message me what you want content to be, what do you want me to talk about? Please contact and let me know

Thanks and I see you later for the real blog 🙂

Hearing hasn’t been the trouble, people have!

Evening all,  I’ve been thinking I tell you something about me, that I find a challenge in everyday life but how I cope with it. Well im half deaf, oh technical terms hearing impaired. I was born with this and have not really known why and what went wrong.

I am deaf  in my right ear, this has always been a challenge with me as it made my speech at times be funny. which meant I had to see a speech and language therapist. I remember when I was little being told to practice saying “sizzling sausages” this was really hard for me at times. But over the years my speech has improved and that I don’t have much trouble pronouncing anything.

Being half deaf has lead me into having classroom support and I am grateful for it, but also being half deaf has its advantages. I became more aware of my surroundings and being able to lip read.

So why am I writing about this as you probably don’t care, well to me instead of making that a downfall of myself, its a positive. Not a negative purely for the fact that we would all be depressed if we picked every details of ourselves.  So stop thinking of yourself negatively and make your life a positive. Night all..



Evening all, I am sorry I didn’t write a blog yesterday, this is due to mums birthday and we went out for a meal. So today my topic of discussion is friendships, why this topic do you say. Well it came to me the other day that we as humans judge, put people in categories and avoid people we don’t see in the right category.

So I like to start by saying making friends for me was always hard for me, I always put it down to being deaf in one ear. I was seen to not listen to them when actually I couldn’t hear them, instead of admitting that I was deaf I just got on with it.

But now as I was in work today, I realised how much friendship was important in the workplace. Take today I had a stressful couple of hours but everyone I passed either shouted or stopped and asked if I was okay. I value my work friends because they understand and know when your stressed.

Like I said before I struggled with making friends, because I had lack of confidence, I thought I wasn’t accepted for the way I look. The only time I felt properly was when I started college and when I am in work, obviously I didn’t need to worry at home at all.

Right back to friendships, people remember we are all on this planet for a reason, to live and share the world. When you next see a someone don’t judge them, say hello, don’t just blur them out. TALK, SMILE AND BE NICE. We are not a category of people, we are individuals who are all different. Learn to get along with each other, not create wars, or fight one another.

Well that is my words of wisdom to you all, if you like what you read or even don’t like it comment and let me know, night people, be kind to one another.

Driving Lessons!!

Evening world!!

I am back for my second blog, can you guess what its going to be about? So today I am going to be mostly talking about driving lessons. At the moment I am learning to drive, I have been learning to drive for about 4 years on and off. Yeah I know what your thinking “why the heck are you taking so long!”

Well I have been driving on and off for four years, the reasons were simple my life got busy and I gave up when I went to college, and then I busted my back. Now im back driving, which this time I am determined to take a test.

I started to drive because I needed to have the skill for my job, but things changed however I carried on learning. This is basically because I love driving to be honest I have never found something so enjoyable to do.

I just want to say driving isn’t a essential skill you need to do, yeah it gives you independence but you don’t have to do this. Never be pressured into something you don’t want to do, remember its your life not theirs!

Well ladies and gents that’s my little blog on driving lesson I hopefully will have another blog up for you guys tomorrow, however it is my mums birthday tomorrow so we shall see. If you have any comments or suggestions on what to write about tweet me or go to the contact page and write me a message. Night guys 🙂


Introducing me!!

Hello all! my name is Tom, I am 20 years old and live in Devon in the UK. I thought I would bite the bullet and write a blog, I have previously wrote a blog before, however I didn’t get along with the website I was using and decided to close it down.

So who am I you ask? well I am a “normal adult” who thought he try and make a connection with the world by the internet. I grew up in Devon and was never really that academically minded, I hated school, and school hated me. I left school with hardly any qualifications to my name, but I signed up to college to study health and social care and believe it or not, I was given a chance and they allowed me on the course.

Some may ask why did you pick health and social care? it was simple because I care a lot for others, I thought I train in that area. I loved the subject and managed to get onto the second level of my course where I proved to be actually rather good at it. Then sadly was told I couldn’t go any further with my education in college.

So this leads me to where I am today, I work in a supermarket. From working just a Sunday shift lead me to work full time where I progressed to work for other departments. I currently work in the admin department.

Anyways let me shut up about my set backs in life. My hobbies have always been writing, I would write short stories at school, the only thing I found interesting and that I was told I was good at. To this day I still write stories or day dream about writing a book one day.

Well ladies and gentlemen that is me, Tom the hopeless but hoping to motivate some of you to take a stand a do what you want.  See you next time and please do comment and share your thoughts 🙂

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