Friendships make the world go round!

Hello all, I have been thinking what to write for my blog on motivational Mondays. I have decided to talk about friendships, I have wrote a bit about this before, but I thought I would share a few thoughts on this.

So I always think of friendships as something we need in our lives, we need them in order to keep this world going. As humans I feel if we feel very alone, we have a wall of friends to fall back on.

I find in my life, it is really hard to make friends where I live, however I do have a lot of friends (don’t think I’m some sort of loner), I am a very shy person . However I have made many online friends, which leads me on to the discussion of making friends online.

I from experience have never had any trouble with making friends online, however some people will say its not for them. As the worry of not actually talking to the person behind the computer, If this is the case stop and assess the situation before talking to the person in detail.

But remember friendship truly do make the world go round, if we all didn’t have a friend or anyone to go to we would be lonely and quite honestly not every nice people. Remember a friend is there to always support you,ย  make you laugh, smile and there for you at any point. Otherwise they are truly no friend at all.

My advice to anyone who is seeking friendship online, don’t be needy and forceful, always be kind, honest and be you! So my rule of friendship is simply be you and be the good you.

night guys and see you all for another blog soon, please like, subscribe and follow my blog for more inspirational blogs. night!! ๐Ÿ™‚


what’s been going on!?!

Hello, I’m back I hope you are all okay? a lot has been happening over one month.

I have been raising money for cancer research, by doing 10.000 steps a day. I found this very easy to do and very rewardingย . I raised 210 pounds so far. I have also been planning some exciting new blogs for you to read.

Along side writing new blogs for you, I have been writing more of my book. Which has been quite challenging for me to do, so I have put that back on hold and will start blogging more for you . Sorry that I have not been on to blog but I shall be hopefully I shall blog on a more regular basis.

Hopes, dreams and being able to be YOU!!

Good evening all, I hope you are having a fun packed week. So today I just want to bring all my subjects I been talking about together. I have recently been thinking of content to write and I thought I write something from the way I think.

I as a writer have dreams one day to be a successful writer, that’s my hope and my dreams, but in order to do this I need to be me (the most important bit). You also need to think that in order to do this you need faith and commitment.

Now im not going to lie to you all and say its easy, its not. Each day will come as a challenge and be prepared to fall a few times, but you just need to shake it off and say I will do this! One thing I found that helped me more then everything is that I have a strong friendship group and great support network, make sure you are thankful for this too.

So my dear readers, this is my way of doing stuff, and I hope it helps you in some way at all, dreams come true if you make them happen.ย  Can I ask one thing of all of you readers if possible comment one word which motivates you everyday? mine is friendship having friends motivates me to get up every more and be me. What’s yours?

Thanks guys and I see you in the week and don’t forget to like, comment and follow if possible, Night guys!!!


Ways to get to see my recent blogs!!

Hello all, I just want to say thank you for coming and reading my blog it means so much to me that I have readers, I also like to thank everyone who has liked the different post this has given me a lot of hope and confidence for the future.

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Introducing fruity Fridays!!!

Hello all, so today I bought 2 fruit plants and I just wanted to come on and tell you about them, this is a trail idea, for a few weeks. I find growing things really good fun and I thought I buy these today and show you how they do.

I also thought it be a good idea to show you more of what I like to do ๐Ÿ™‚

thanks guys and have a good weekend, p.s. sorry its so short ๐Ÿ™‚

Introducing recipe Wednesday!!!

Hello all, this page is to give you some ideas and recipes shared by people I know and want to share their take on some recipes. I also will be writing some recipes and uploading them too.

Once again if you have any comments or suggestions please do say and I will see you soo.


We all have dreams to be something one day!!

Hello all, today I just wanted to talk to you all about dreams, not dreams when you go to sleep but dreams that we have when growing up and when we are also being inspired. For example I have always dreamt of being a book writer.

My dream was to always write my own book and be something, we all dream to be something one day. But we all try and think realistically of what we can be or cant be, but what is being realistic?

So your dreams and forget about being realistic, yes I agree be true and real but at the end of the day, you should just reach for the stars and think you can do anything you want to do. Don’t let people control your life, let you be the controller of your life not anyone else.

Sorry for the irregular timing of blogs, I will stick to the plan next week cheers and have a good weekend!!

Bullying, what’s clever about it?

Hello all sorry im late with Mondays blogs, but tonight’s topic is bullying. What’s motivational about this you may ask? Because I want to tell you how I use to cope with bullying in school and even now.

Basically it starts with my weight, yes I am fat, no I don’t care what I look like. I care a lot more about other stuff then my weight, but anyways in my school years I was bullied about how I looked and obviously it hit home a little.

As I grew up I learnt to just be me not how I should be or what I should be like, people today have been told how they should look. Yeah look good for you and that you want to do it.

Don’t get pressured into how you should be, just because a bully bullies you into a hole of how you should be or act like. BE YOU!!!

sorry its a short blog, but I hope you like it and have a good rest of your day and see you soon Night!!

Two blogs in one night WOW :P

Hello all, just a quick blog update,

I have been trying to write content which inspires you, and to make you aware of things going on, I haven’t touched some subjects because I haven’t experienced them in my life, but I am willing to write about anything.

I ask you all to try and help me out too by following my twitter and contacting me if you want, I am here to listen to your stories and to hear suggestions on what to write about too, at the moment I write once in a while but I like to write more. However I wanna know who my readers are.

So please comment, like, follow or contact me because im willing to talk to you and get to know you all too.

UPDATES COMING SOON: I am gunna try and do different sections to my blogs so you get more content, like Mondays can be “motivational Mondays”, and so forth. I hope also to bring some of my friends into help and let them write some content on my blog. Please be patient but “Tomo writes” will be better then ever soon. ๐Ÿ™‚ cheers all and have a great evening.

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