Hearing hasn’t been the trouble, people have!

Evening all,  I’ve been thinking I tell you something about me, that I find a challenge in everyday life but how I cope with it. Well im half deaf, oh technical terms hearing impaired. I was born with this and have not really known why and what went wrong.

I am deaf  in my right ear, this has always been a challenge with me as it made my speech at times be funny. which meant I had to see a speech and language therapist. I remember when I was little being told to practice saying “sizzling sausages” this was really hard for me at times. But over the years my speech has improved and that I don’t have much trouble pronouncing anything.

Being half deaf has lead me into having classroom support and I am grateful for it, but also being half deaf has its advantages. I became more aware of my surroundings and being able to lip read.

So why am I writing about this as you probably don’t care, well to me instead of making that a downfall of myself, its a positive. Not a negative purely for the fact that we would all be depressed if we picked every details of ourselves.  So stop thinking of yourself negatively and make your life a positive. Night all..



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