what’s been going on!?!

Hello, I’m back I hope you are all okay? a lot has been happening over one month.

I have been raising money for cancer research, by doing 10.000 steps a day. I found this very easy to do and very rewarding . I raised 210 pounds so far. I have also been planning some exciting new blogs for you to read.

Along side writing new blogs for you, I have been writing more of my book. Which has been quite challenging for me to do, so I have put that back on hold and will start blogging more for you . Sorry that I have not been on to blog but I shall be hopefully I shall blog on a more regular basis.


Introducing recipe Wednesday!!!

Hello all, this page is to give you some ideas and recipes shared by people I know and want to share their take on some recipes. I also will be writing some recipes and uploading them too.

Once again if you have any comments or suggestions please do say and I will see you soo.


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