Role models!

Evening all, I don’t know how to start this really, but I thought I might talk about my role model. He is the man in the picture and his name is Kenneth Williams, Kenneth Williams was an actor in the 1950s. You probably wonder how come a actor from that time caught my eye and became my role model.

He was a comedy genius in my eyes and knew how to make some laugh, love and smile. but what made me write about this subject, well I recently went into the city near me and they happened to have a pride parade going on. if anyone doesn’t  know what pride is its a parade for everyone to celebrate lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT)  in becoming equal.

Well sadly that wasn’t always the case, this is where Kenneth Williams comes in, a comic who couldn’t be him not properly anyway. He was born into a generation where LGBT wasn’t accepted and illegal in some places. But he still made people smile, love and laugh.

This is where he became my role model, a man who couldn’t be him, but he was the one who made people laugh out loud but could never be happy himself. He had guts to get up and be an actor and carry on being in the public eye, and never giving up his dream. Yesterday made me proud that times have changed, but it also made me a little sad that the people we all enjoy watching on TV aren’t here to feel equal too.

So my words of wisdom for you. You are you, it doesn’t matter if you are in public eye or not your you. We are the generation to make the difference, making the right choices and making those who have gone proud.

Have a great evening and speak soon 🙂 NIGHT!!!!


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